What Types Of Irrigation Systems Are There In A Landscaping Service?

Free From above of Chinese pagoda with red roofs placed in green park with stylish landscape design in daylight Stock PhotoThe irrigation control system is one of the most important things when hiring a landscaping service.

For this reason, experts recommend watering in the early hours of the day and the evening since the water evaporates more slowly.

A very important aspect of the landscaping service is the irrigation system that we have in our garden since it is necessary to guarantee proper operation and maintenance. The irrigation systems that we can find today are:

Hose Irrigation

It is one of the most conventional, not requiring any previous installation on the surface. It is also one of the most time-consuming irrigation systems. If we water our lawns or plants with the hose, we can calculate the amount of water we put on them. We can cover larger surfaces in hose irrigation since the scope is always greater, even though the time spent is greater.

Sprinkler Irrigation

We can find sprinklers of two types. On the one hand, the emergent ones emerge from the ground when the irrigation system begins and disappear once it has finished. On the other hand, mobile sprinklers are attached to one end of the hose and can be moved from one side to the other. Normally, the range of this system can be up to 6 meters, depending on the pressure and the sprinkler nozzle.

Drip Irrigation

They are usually placed at the foot of each plant and can be integrated into the pipe or placed later. The puncture emitters, known as button emitters, are very practical for gardens where a plant is placed on each side. Through this irrigation system, you can maintain a constant level of moisture in the ground and save.

Underground Irrigation

In landscaping services, this type of irrigation system is usually used for lawns. Its installation consists of small perforated pipes buried in the surface between 5 and 50 centimeters that you want to keep. This irrigation system reduces water loss since the pipes are not directly exposed to weather conditions.

How is lawn service related to landscaping?

Free Water Fountain Beside Green Leaf Trees Stock PhotoIs landscaping the same as landscaping service? The answer to this question is no. They are two different things, and therefore it must be taken into account that there are many architecture and landscaping studios where different garden designs are offered publicly and privately.

In the vast majority of cases, it is the architects of the project who are also responsible for developing the garden design.

We can differentiate the landscapers from the landscaping service in that the landscapers usually carry out the design in a personalized way for the client, but they do not have the means to carry out the project; they work with collaborating garden construction companies.

For this reason, landscapers only invoice the design and direct the projects; their execution usually goes hand in hand with landscaping services.